I can’t believe how much weddings cost these days so we are determined to keep our prices as low as we can without sacrificing any quality as every little helps.

Therefore, in order to give you the best possible value for money we will base our quote around your precise needs, the distance to be traveled and the numbers expected to be present. 

A number of previous clients have used our services either instead of, or as part of, a desert course.

This alone saved a decent slice off the catering bill and can make our delightful service incredibly cost-effective.



  • You can start your service at any time to suit your arrangements from 2 hours serving  to as long as you wish.


  • The prices start at £295 all inclusive based upon 100 guests for the two hour session.


  • If you have more guests than this please add £1 per head and if less then take off £1 per head to give you your total.


  • For each extra hour serving please add £30 per hour to the above.



(These prices are based upon  being within a 60 mile trip from our Cambridgeshire base. We would need to add a little for extra fuel and driving time for further distances but not too much I hope)


We only use the award-winning Dennetts dairy ice cream and will never use a cheaper non dairy alternative like some competitors.

Everything below will be included in the agreed price. The price we agree will be the price you pay. There will be no hidden costs.

You will receive:

  • The rental of the Ice Cream Bike for as long as you want, either afternoon, evening or both. You decide on the best time for your event.
  • Smart, fully trained, traditionally dressed staff. Either one or two dependent on numbers.
  •  Plenty of delicious ice cream.  Eight flavours from Dennetts mouth-watering range. Always enough for seconds!
  •  The nice crunchy rolled sugar cones. ( Not cheap and nasty wafers ). We also bring tubs and spoons.
  •  The Ice Cream Bike will be beautifully decorated for the occasion if required at no extra cost.


 Please contact us to discuss your requirements we are always willing to help in any way we can.

 To secure your booking we require a deposit of £50, with the remaining balance payable at least 2 weeks before the event.

 Please do not leave booking the Ice Cream Bike too long or you may miss out. We currently have over 70 bookings for  2015, the diary is filling for 2016 and we even have some already for 2017.  

 Do it now don’t run the risk of losing it !


Whilst we try our absolute best to make everything completely perfect the occasional error or oversight may occur. We are only a tiny family operation and only human after all.

These errors are fortunately extremely rare and for the most part unremarkable. I have been known to forget a menu board, miss a flavour out and on one occasion muddle up two menus. ( Both brides had exactly the same name on the same date.) It sometimes isn’t always possible to supply a preferred  colour of bike but usually it is fine. Occasionally my weekly delivery is missing a flavour and I will substitute something similar from stock.

What is important to me is that we have never missed an event in 5 years and judging by all of the fantastic feedback I regularly receive I guess we are doing it pretty well.


If you do have any issue with any part of our delightful little service please bring it to the attention of the staff ( Often me) at the time because we may well be able to rectify whatever it is there and then.

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